• Spring 2020 Presentation to DHB staff about the realities of living with Dementia
  • Winter 2020 Life in Lockdown - conducting a group for people with dementia via Zoom
  • Spring 2019 Librarians and Volunteers Training with DC Staff for 'Next Chapter' Group in Westport
  • Winter 2019 Walk for Dementia 17 March 2019
  • February 2019 Clients enjoying Beekeeping in the gardens at Avebury House
  • Summer 2018 Kell's Ride - Living with Younger Onset Dementia
  • Spring 2018 Volunteers and Staff at Walk for Dementia
  • Autumn 2018 We are on the move!
  • Summer 2017 Champion Canterbury Business Award finalist
  • Spring 2017 Kaikoura Service - Inaugural Next Chapter Club, Kaikoura
  • Autumn 2017 Life Stories - enjoying the Life Story Project: Christchurch City Libraries working with Dementia Canterbury to bring clients stories to life
  • Summer 2016 Dementia Canterbury- New Look, New Name
  • Spring 2016 Artzheimers Group - enjoying a session at the Christchurch Art Gallery
  • Autumn 2016 George - enjoying Christmas lunch at Moana Hotel, West Coast
  • Summer 2015 Life doesn't end when dementia begins
  • Spring 2015 Water Memories Group
  • Autumn 2015 June - at Gardening Group

Annual Reports

COVID-19 Flyers

Here are flyers released during COVID-19 Alert Levels 2-4 with tips for people living with dementia and their care-partners.

  1. Tips on Staying Well
  2. Tips on Activities
  3. Tips on Supporting Loved Ones
  4. Tips for Reducing Anxiety and Building Resilience
  5. More Tips on Activities
  6. Pointers on Level 3 of COVID-19
  7. Tips on Living Well in Your Bubble
  8. Tips on Daily Living during Level 2
  9. Tips on Looking After Yourself in Level 2
  10. Tips on Looking After Yourself in Level 1