Free Community Education Seminars

Throughout the year Dementia Canterbury runs a series of Community Education Seminars. See Specialist Dementia Education Series - February - June 2022  Please register if you wish to attend and note that during this "Covid" time all seminars will be via Zoom.  Once you have registered you will receive the Zoom link prior to the seminar.

Below are seminars that have been recorded and can be viewed by clicking on the arrows.

Requests can be made to our Dementia Educators for talks on a variety of dementia related topics to groups who may have come into contact with people with dementia - for example service groups, churches, schools etc. 

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Diet and Lifestyle  

Dr Olivia Currie, Christchurch GP,  talks about the importance of diet and lifestyle in managing brain health and dementia. A handout for the seminar is available here.    

Behaviours and Dementia  

Mackenzie Ebbett, Clinical Nurse Specialist from Older Persons Health, talks about understanding some of the behaviours associated with dementia and answers questions from the audience.

Legal issues and Dementia  

Fleur McDonald, of Fleur McDonald Legal, specialises in elder law and talks about the Residential Care Subsidy, Enduring Power of Attorney, trusts and other legal issues in the context of dementia, and answers questions from the audience.

Dementia: Change and Loss  

Elizabeth Hamilton, social worker and counsellor, talks about the stress and grief associated with caring for a loved one with dementia.

Communication and Dementia - Part 1 

Katrina McGarr (Clinical Educator - Speech and Language Therapy at University of Canterbury) discusses challenges and approaches to communication and dementia.

What is Dementia? 

Hear Dr Brian Deavoll, Consultant Psychiatrist of Old Age with the CDHB, respond to some of the most commonly asked questions about dementia.

For Adult Relatives of People with Dementia 

Find out from Psychiatrist, Dr Matthew Croucher, about the impact of dementia within families such as changing roles and managing conflicts, as well as a word on genetic inheritance and dementia. A handout for the seminar is available here.