While people with dementia can and do continue to drive it is useful to start thinking and planning ahead for when driving may no longer be an option. This can a real challenge for people living in rural areas where public transport is less available. However, regardless of where you live, losing your licence can feel like an enormous blow to your independence and freedom. Planning ahead for this and familiarising yourself with bus routes and transport alternatives can help. 

People with dementia are eligible for the  'Total Mobility Taxi Card'  to help pay 50% of the cost of taxis up to a maximum subsidy of $35.00.  Approved taxi companies include: Blue Star Taxis, Driving Miss Daisy, First Direct, Gold Band Taxis, Total Care Mobility. 
For enquiries regarding accessing this service please phone 03 379 2590.

Dementia Canterbury offers Volunteer Driving Services to help with the transport to and from support groups when other options are exhausted. This service is dependent however on the availability of volunteers on the day. 

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