Covid 19

Covid Update

The most important thing any of us can do to stay safe ourselves, and to protect others, is to be fully vaccinated. People with dementia are more at risk for Covid-19 and therefore we need to be very proactive in following the rules at every level and listening to and taking the advice being given. It is inevitable that eventually the delta variant will affect people in our region and we can still get this even when fully vaccinated, however being vaccinated provides some protection in terms of the severity of the illness experienced. Whilst it is very frustrating for us all and we know it places extra strain on carers, our face to face services cannot safely take place until we are at Level One. We are providing assessments and consultations by phone, and can do acute office consultations with care partners at the office if needed.

Vaccine Summary - Dr Matthew Croucher

The following is a summary of information provided by Dr Matthew Croucher, Dementia Canterbury’s Medical Advisor.

Vaccine Summary - Dr Matthew Croucher

Mask wearing and social distancing is required. A range of groups and education sessions are also running via Zoom and it is really encouraging to see people embracing these opportunities for information, social and cognitive stimulation, and connection. Some people with dementia find it very difficult to wear a mask and it can cause distress and agitation. In such circumstances we would advise against forcing a person to wear a mask. People can be exempt from mask wearing on medical grounds. Some people find wearing a visor easier than a mask and there are a range of places these can be purchased at relatively low cost. Check this website to purchase your own or give us a call for help with this. We also have disposable masks available to anyone that might need them, and will deliver them as needed.

COVID-19 Flyers

Here are flyers released during COVID-19 Alert Levels 2-4 with tips for people living with dementia and their care-partners.


  1. Dementia during COVID-19: VOL 4
  2. Dementia during COVID-19: VOL 3
  3. Dementia during COVID-19: VOL 2
  4. Dementia during COVID-19: VOL 1


  1. Tips on Staying Well
  2. Tips on Activities
  3. Tips on Supporting Loved Ones
  4. Tips for Reducing Anxiety and Building Resilience
  5. More Tips on Activities
  6. Pointers on Level 3 of COVID-19
  7. Tips on Living Well in Your Bubble
  8. Tips on Daily Living during Level 2
  9. Tips on Looking After Yourself in Level 2
  10. Tips on Looking After Yourself in Level 1