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Optimising Brain Health Across the Life Course

Many determinants are known to affect brain health at different stages of life. Optimizing brain health can not only reduces the prevalence and burden of neurological disorders, but also improve mental and physical health overall and create positive social and economic impacts, all of which contribute to greater well-being and help advance society, irrespective of the presence or absence of disorders.

The World Health Organisation has explored this in their recent paper ‘Optimising Brain Health Across the Life Course: a WHO position paper’.

Please click here for more information and to access the paper.

Consultant Psychogeriatrician and Associate Professor Dr Yoram Barak presented his address Brain Health: What do we really know at the Christchurch Knowledge Exchange in March 2020. Click here for his Power Point presentation.

Professor Yoram Barak, Consultant Psychogeriatrician at Dunedin Public Hospital, is the author of "Preventing Alzheimer's Disease". The following presentation presents a synthesis of recent research into protective factors that may help reduce the risk of dementia: Mixed Brain Maintenance by Prof Yoram Barak, MD, MHA. Click here to download the pdf.